Are foot or ankle issues preventing you from living the life you imagined? Sole can help you get back on your feet, enjoying the activities you love. With a focus on regenerative medicine, surgery, and aesthetics, we offer a broad range of innovative and effective treatments for a range of foot and ankle problems.


When you feel pain in every step, it can be difficult to make it through the day, much less participate in the activities you truly enjoy. If you're desperate for relief but have been putting off seeing a doctor because you're afraid that invasive surgery is your only option, we have good news: Central Park SOLE offers a variety of regenerative medicine therapies for many common foot and ankle conditions that would otherwise require surgical intervention.

Find out how the exceptional specialists at our boutique New York City wellness center can set your feet and ankles on the path to the pain-free life you've only dreamed about. Imagine what Central Park SOLE can do for you.


Central Park SOLE provides the expert care you need to reach your goals and live your best life. Our boutique New York City wellness center offers innovative surgical solutions to a variety of painful or unattractive conditions. Unlike practices that only recommend surgery when conservative treatments fail, our nationally recognized specialists are committed to presenting patients with all of their options—including surgical procedures—early in the treatment process. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons.


At Central Park SOLE, our celebrated specialists offer a wide range of aesthetic-focused treatments to help you look and feel your best. Imagine a life without limitations. Imagine what the expert physicians at Central Park SOLE's boutique New York City wellness center can do for you.