Our nail restoration procedure immediately eliminates unsightly nails. Nail fungus and trauma can cause toenails to become chipped, brittle, and discolored. This embarrassing problem can make it difficult to go barefoot, wear open-toed shoes and sandals.

This procedure, Keryflex, is used in conjunction with our state-of-the-art Laser Therapy. The doctors will perform the laser on the toes to destroy any fungal spores, then our team will apply the Keryflex resin to give the toenails a clear, healthy appearance in a matter of minutes.

Laser Therapy

Our office uses the state of the art Remy Laser to treat toenail fungus. This Class IV, FDA-cleared laser is capable of eliminating nail fungus deep within the nail and nail bed. Toenail fungus is a common condition that affects many people, especially in the summer months. Nail fungus is highly contagious and can be stubborn to treat.

Traditional nail fungus treatment includes an oral medication and topical treatments, however, these treatments come with precautions. Oral medication, namely Lamisil, can impact your liver and requires pre-testing. Topical treatments can take months to take effect.


Keryflex is a topical resin that is applied after the laser is performed. Keryflex is a thick solution that is applied right onto the nail. It has a strong adhesive and dries under a UV light within minutes. Keryflex looks and acts like a natural nail and gives the appearance of a clear and healthy nail. You are able to paint the nails and get pedicures as normal with Keryflex on your toes.

Instant Results

Laser and Keryflex is an effective procedure that can give clear, healthy, and natural-looking toenails in just one visit. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. There is no downtime, recovery, or any pain associated with the procedure. You can paint the nail as normal immediately following the procedure.

If you are dealing with nail fungus or have chipped or brittle toenails, our doctors can give you clear, healthy toenails in one visit. The procedure is great for those heading out on vacation, attending events, or want to be able to wear sandals and go barefoot with confidence.