The Big Apple is a walking city, so it's no surprise that New Yorkers walk farther—and faster—than the average American. Research shows our active, on-the-go lifestyle helps us live longer and better than our peers in other parts of the country, but it can also take a toll on our foot and ankle health.

When painful foot, ankle, or toenail problems arise, Central Park SOLE's team of specialists can provide the effective treatment you need to put them behind you. But that's not all we do here. We believe your feet should look as good as they feel, which is why our boutique wellness center offers a range of aesthetic options for the feet and toenails. In the future, our growing practice will also offer aesthetic treatments for other parts of the body as well. Here are just a few of the cosmetic procedures available.

Our Aesthetics-Driven Treatments

We don't think shame over the appearance of your feet or toenails should limit your activities or force you to give up your favorite open-toed shoes. Instead, we offer effective solutions for unsightly and embarrassing issues such as excessive sweating, fungal toenails, and misshapen feet.


The fatty padding on the bottoms of the feet can wear down and become thinner with age, resulting in pain, burning sensations, swelling, and callous formation. Leneva fillers are pillows for your feet. Made from all-natural human adipose tissue, Leneva is injected into footpads and other high-pressure points to stimulate the creation of fat cells in areas of the foot that need extra cushioning. In addition to easing daily aches and pains, Levena fillers can also help prevent traumatic injuries, tendonitis, neuromas, and other painful conditions.


Botox isn't just for the face. Podiatry patients who suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis can also benefit from this treatment. When injected into the feet, Botox blocks the nerves responsible for sending signals that activate the sweat glands. The result: significantly reduced sweating and odor.

"Loub Jobs"

Named after the iconic, red-soled Christian Louboutin heels, "Loub jobs" are a popular specialty procedure for high heel aficionados. Comprised of nerve-blocking Botox injections and fillers that restore fatty pad cushioning, this quick, simple, and minimally invasive treatment allows patients to wear the shoes they love without pain, discomfort, or excessive sweating.


Laser therapy has numerous applications in podiatry. It not only relieves foot pain and inflammation but can also successfully treat stubborn fungal infections that cause thick, discolored, brittle, and deformed toenails. The procedure works by directing intense pulses of laser energy to the affected toenail. These laser energy pulses penetrate the nail plate and destroy the fungus deep in the nail bed. Fungal nail laser therapy sessions usually take less than 30 minutes and are completely painless, allowing patients to resume normal activities almost immediately.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

KeryFlex Nail Restoration provides immediate cosmetic results for patients whose natural toenails were damaged or removed due to fungus, trauma, deformity, or infection. The system uses a composite resin to create a flexible and durable nail that looks, paints, and washes like the real thing but does interfere with natural toenail growth. The painless application is performed right in our office by skilled and certified providers.

Request an Appointment With One of Our Aesthetic Specialists

With the variety of aesthetic options available at our New York City wellness center, feeling shame and embarrassment at the appearance of your feet and toenails can be a thing of the distant past.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. When you come in for your visit, we'll perform a thorough evaluation, provide clear answers on your condition, and discuss the wide range of aesthetic options we can use to restore the beauty of your feet and toenails. Imagine an end to uncomfortable and embarrassing feet. Imagine what Central Park SOLE can do for you.