How Do You Know You Have A Wart?

Warts are transmittable by touch and can appear on all parts of your body. The virus called human papillomavirus enters your body through areas of broken skin. The virus then causes the top layer of your skin to grow at an accelerated pace which then forms what we know as a wart. Plantar warts are found on the bottom of your feet and for always being up on your feet, it may cause irritation. Plantar warts are common as a result of the virus gravitating towards warm and moist settings. While warts can be harmless at times, they are infectious and may be undesirable.

If you are questioning whether you have a wart or not, ask yourself if your body has:

  • Flesh-like bumps
  • Grainy texture
  • Color of the bumps to be flesh, pink, or tan

How Can I Prevent Warts?

It is common for people to follow unsafe at-home-methods in trying to eliminate their warts. This will only allow the wart to grow back again. It is also important for people to remember that warts are not just a bump on your skin, but a virus which can travel.

In Order To Stop The Spread of Warts:

  • Resist shaving over a wart
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Do not share personal items such as towels or clothing
  • Divert from touching your own and another's wart

I Have A Wart And Want It Gone, What Should I Do?

Here at Central Park SOLE, we offer a Wart Care Plan that involves the Remy Laser. The Remy Laser is a safe, easy and effective option for anyone who is interested in getting rid of a wart. Warts may be treated through the use of topical peeling medications, cryotherapy or even surgery in severe cases. The Remy Laser can be used as part of your treatment plan. The laser stimulates the cells in your body, allowing the healing process to proceed more quickly than when using other wart eradicating techniques. Other over the counter techniques provide a bandaid effect in which removes the wart but not the virus, causing the wart to come back. The Remy Laser eliminates the virus and relieves the stress and worry of a wart forming again. The various treatments available to treat warts can be overwhelming to consider.