Flat foot is a common condition that affects millions of people. Flat feet are common in children and a problem that many outgrow. However, there are many children who did not outgrow this problem and will suffer into adulthood. Flat feet are when your arch is flat and the pad of your feet touch the ground.

There are three common types of flat feet:

  • Flexible
  • Rigid
  • Fallen Arches

All of these common types of flat feet can cause pain. Flexible flat feet is the most common type where you can see the arch when no pressure s being applied to the feet. Rigidus is when no arches are present despite weight. This type is usually developed in teen years and progressively gets worse. Fallen arches are a problem that can develop suddenly by problems in the leg. 

Flat feet can cause pain and problems in your feet, ankles, hips, and even your back. Your feet are your foundation and if your foundation is faulty, it can affect your whole body. Many people suffering from flat feet are treated with orthotics or other types of shoe inserts. While this is a great treatment, there are many times you will be without shoes or sneakers. In these instances you are not wearing your orthotics, the pain can return.

Permanent Solution For Better Results

Many patients are looking for a permanent solution to their flat feet. Hyprocure is a permanent solution that requires a minimally invasive procedure. This treatment uses a tiny screw strategically placed to force the foot into an arch position. It literally creates an arch in your foot. This treatment is a great option for both children and adults. 

Flat feet can get worse over time or develop other pain and injuries throughout your body with time. While orthotics can greatly help while you’re wearing them, once you take off your shoes, the pain will come back. In addition, just like eyeglasses with children, they tend to lose them. Many of our pediatric patients will return multiple times due to losing their orthotics until their parents decide a permanent solution is needed.

When The Treatment Is Right For You

The treatment is mostly painless. The recovery time is much shorter than a full arch surgery, and you can begin walking on it within a few days, which is why it’s such a great treatment option for flat feet in children.

If your child is sitting out of sports, asking to be carried, complaining about foot, hip, or back pain, these can all be signs of flat foot pain. If you notice these signs in your child or if you have been dealing with flat feet, call our office.