Flat Foot Treatment

Flat feet or pronation in the feet can lead to pain. This pain can affect your feet, knees, hips and even your back. Our office has a permanent solution to flat feet which can end the pain and allow you to enjoy your activities.

Traditional treatments for flat feet include orthotics, physical therapy to relieve pain and cortisone injections. There is also flat foot correction surgery. While this surgery can be evry effective, it has a lengthy recovery period. Often patients are not able to walk or put weight on the foot for 6 weeks. This can be difficult for busy adults and children.

Flat Feet in Children

Children are born with flat feet and arches will begin to form between agesd 4 and 8. However, arches do not form in all people. Children may not know how to voice their concerns, but there will be signs the child is dealing with pain or discomfort. 

The child may begin to sit out of sports, ask to be carried more and may even walk differently to accomodate. Flat feet in children can have lasting affects and should be treated as soon as they are noticed. 

Our doctors have treated flat feet in both adults and children for many years. The doctors have performed flat foot correction surgery for many years. 

Hyprocure Corrects Flat Feet Quickly

Hyprocure is a permanent, effective and minimally invasive treatment. While conservative treatments are fine, many of our patients want to correct the problem once and for all. In addition, Hyprocure has a much shorter recovery period with patients walking within a few days!

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