As much thought and money we all spend on our shoes – for fashion and/or fitness – most of us don’t put a lot of thought into what we put on at the end of a long day. Just kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot is not enough to really ease the daily wear and tear on our was featured in prevention magazine eary feet, as good it might initially feel.

Many homes adhere to a ‘shoes off at the door’ policy, some just love the feel of walking around in bare feet at home, but as a podiatrist, the reality is: this isn’t the best option for optimal foot health. A recent article in which I was quoted in Prevention Magazine shares some really great information and tips on how to choose the best slippers with arch support. There are even some links to styles and brands I put my “seal of approval” on. 

Walking in bare feet, especially on hard tile or cement floors, can actually exacerbate pain and inflammation. The pads on our feet get worn down, just like the soles of shoes. They are our body’s shock absorbers and need to be taken care of, especially as we age. There are plenty of options for this, including slippers and slides with adequate arch support, some great choices are listed in the article.

Fat Pad Injections Can Treat Heel Pain

This is a good time to mention that one of the procedures I do in my office is fat pad injections. As we age, the fat in our body begins to decrease, this also happens to our feet! The less cushion there is between the bone and the ground, the more pain and discomfort we feel. As you walk, your fat pads absorb much of the pressure and weight that is applied to the foot. The injections provide additional padding that you have lost, providing support and comfortable cushioning once again. The procedure is nearly painless, and patients notice the “plumping” effects gradually increase over the following 7-14 days. This is because the filler we use attracts water to its molecules. Our patients are able to fully walk and resume most activities immediately following the procedure. This can be a game changer, trust me!

Choose Slippers and Slides With Arch Supportwalking barefoot

I strongly encourage everyone to put as much thought into supporting and pampering their feet with house slippers & slides as they do when buying athletic and daily wear shoes. This simple improvement can make a huge difference, and have long-lasting effects, on pain reduction and therefore, your overall health and happiness.

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