Foot fractures are a common condition. This can include toe fractures, fractures in the middle bones of the foot called metatarsal fractures, fractures on the big toe called sesamoid fractures, and calcaneus fractures that occur in the heel. 

Causes of a Foot Fracture

The causes of a foot fracture can include a simple fall or twist off of an NYC curb, an injury from a sport like basketball, football, or soccer, or an overuse injury from going too fast or too hard in starting a new sport or activity. Often ill-fitting shoes or high heels can be to blame for foot fractures.

Symptoms of a Foot Fracture

Foot fractures are often very painful. It can hurt to put any pressure on the foot at all. Also, swelling (inflammation) and bruising will usually occur near or on the area of injury. Often, people will try to walk through the pain or apply pressure hoping the pain will subside. Remember, pain is never normal, and signs of swelling and bruising are signs of concern. Trying to walk on a fractured foot can, and most likely will, make the injury worse.

Treatment for a Foot Fracture

Central Park SOLE are the foot fracture experts. Dr. Brad Schaeffer has extensive experience and knowledge in treating fractures and injuries. First, your doctor will take an X-ray to determine if there is a break. The first course of treatment is to not apply any pressure. Applying a foot wrap or boot to immobilize the foot will usually be used to hold the foot in place. The boot will also keep the foot protected from any weight or bumps. 

Laser Therapy for Foot Fractures

The Remy Laser for foot fracture treatments is a great option to speed up the healing process. The laser is a safe and effective treatment. The Remy laser is FDA approved and often used to treat foot and ankle conditions. This laser will increase blood and oxygen to the area of pain and injury.